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Warehouse Automation

The logistics warehouse market in the United States has experienced a slowdown in recent years due to factors such as higher capital costs and decreased demand. This has also affected investments in warehouse automation, resulting in contracting order levels and longer sales cycles. However, experts believe that the downturn in warehouse construction will be short-lived due to ongoing e-commerce demand and the need for buffer...

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DHL Express has introduced smart logistics solutions to enhance its processing capacity by 70% and assist in inspecting suspicious goods. This solution leverages advanced technologies to achieve intelligent and automated logistics processes. Following the completion of the expansion project at the DHL Central Asia Hub, the center's maximum hourly cargo handling capacity has significantly increased. In terms of smart logistics, the center utilizes artificial intelligence and...

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sevensense robotics

The project "Visual SLAM Localization and Navigation of Mobile Robots in Logistics" by Swiss logistics company Sevensense Robotics has been selected as a finalist in the European Logistics Association (ELA) Awards ceremony. The aim of the project is to accelerate warehouse and logistics automation through the introduction of intelligent mobile robots. Sevensense's VSLAM technology has the capability to transform manually operated vehicles into smart robots,...

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smart logistics warehouse

Li-Ning's first smart logistics warehouse, the East China Smart Logistics Center, has been launched in the Jiading District of Shanghai, marking an important step for Li-Ning Group in establishing five major smart logistics centers nationwide. Through digitization and automation, this center has achieved industry-leading intelligent logistics capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and precision. It is projected to handle 1.5 billion parcels annually by 2026.   Li-Ning Group is...

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Big Data

Big data analytics is transforming logistics by improving supply chain management. With increasing complexity in logistics operations, data analytics provides valuable insights for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Optimized Performance Management: Data analytics identifies inefficiencies and schedules breaks effectively, preventing bottlenecks and optimizing performance. Real-time Logistics Updates: Accurate information about order status and delivery times improves customer satisfaction. Data analytics enhances customer support and identifies areas for...

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New Digital Logistics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, and Big Data. These technologies provide unparalleled supply chain transparency and real-time data, facilitating a better customer experience and helping companies make informed decisions. Logistics operations and new-age digital logistics trends are increasingly interconnected, and these solutions ensure long-term profitability. By reorganizing current operations and developing a proactive business strategy, logistics companies can increase operational...

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