Our Service


KAMUI is a Hong Kong-based company that takes pride in providing high quality M&E services and warehouse solutions throughout the region.

From bespoke design and installation services to tailored maintenance services, KAMUI strives to provide the most innovative yet cost-effective solution to our clients across a variety of different industries, primarily warehousing, manufacturing plants and offices.

KAMUI proactively leads the market by investing vastly in integrating R&D with business strategy, which is vital in bringing forth novel and cutting-edge technologies into the ever changing industry.

Warehouse Solutions
Research and Development
Maintenance Services

Our Revenue

Total revenue of KAMUI Group in 2020 is around 200 Millions.

Cold Chain & Food Processing 0
Automated Solutions 0
Warehouse Equipments 0
E&M and Construction 0


Our Competitive Advantage.


Expert in upgrading any kinds of operations, from manual to fully automated solution.


Support client growth from storage towards freight forwarding, DC and last mile distribution.


Deep logistics sector expertise cover different type of operations.


Over 20 years of operating experience and adapting to future trends with data-driven upgrade on a global scale.

Our Clients and Partners

According to the particularities of different fields, KAMUI tailor-made one-stop service solutions for customers, so as to more accurately meet customer needs and enhance the overall competitiveness of the company.