Food Packaging & Clean Room

Cleanroom systems are highly configurable, our project engineers are experts in assessing and managing clients' needs.


Precise environmental control

Maximum safety and all-round security

Assured compliance

Rapid construction and easy to maintain

Low running costs




KAMUI as a professional Cleanroom expert, we are not only taking care of how many airborne particulates in cleanroom , we are also taking care how many bacteria in cleanroom to provide high standard controlled environment.

Specify in following industrial
  • GMP Pharmaceutical
  • Food Factory
  • Reagent Factory
According to the definition of ISO 14644-1 standard
  • Construction and use strive to avoid the introduction, generation and retention of particles
  • Room where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled
  • Relevant environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure are controlled as required


  • The second largest Mask Production Cleanroom in Hong Kong (ISO-8)
  • 7 × semi-automated product line
  • Monthly Production: 5 million