Li-Ning Takes the Lead in smart logistics warehouse

smart logistics warehouse

Li-Ning Takes the Lead in smart logistics warehouse

    Li-Ning’s first smart logistics warehouse, the East China Smart Logistics Center, has been launched in the Jiading District of Shanghai, marking an important step for Li-Ning Group in establishing five major smart logistics centers nationwide. Through digitization and automation, this center has achieved industry-leading intelligent logistics capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and precision. It is projected to handle 1.5 billion parcels annually by 2026.


    Li-Ning Group is committed to further advancing the comprehensive intelligent upgrade of its logistics system by optimizing its warehouse and storage networks to enhance supply chain efficiency and consumer experience. Additionally, the company plans to optimize and upgrade the Jingmen Supply Base in the Central China region, expedite the construction of logistics centers in Southwest and North China, and establish a logistics center in South China.


    This development showcases Li-Ning Group’s significant progress in the logistics field and demonstrates the feasibility of digital transformation and intelligent upgrades within the entire logistics industry. With the continuous expansion and optimization of smart logistics centers, the nation is poised to embark on a path of sustainable development and high-quality logistics services.


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