Advancements in Smart Logistics: DHL Supports Suspicious Goods Inspection Efforts


Advancements in Smart Logistics: DHL Supports Suspicious Goods Inspection Efforts

    DHL Express has introduced smart logistics solutions to enhance its processing capacity by 70% and assist in inspecting suspicious goods. This solution leverages advanced technologies to achieve intelligent and automated logistics processes. Following the completion of the expansion project at the DHL Central Asia Hub, the center’s maximum hourly cargo handling capacity has significantly increased.


    In terms of smart logistics, the center utilizes artificial intelligence and CT scanning X-ray systems, resulting in improved inspection speed and accuracy. The expansion of the Central Asia Hub has significantly boosted its cargo handling capabilities, with a maximum hourly capacity of 125,000 pieces, a 70% increase compared to the pre-expansion period. Once fully operational, it is expected to handle six times more cargo than its initial capacity in 2004.


    The comprehensive development of smart logistics, along with the increased processing capacity, will drive the high-quality growth of the logistics industry. Moreover, as one of the largest infrastructure investment projects in the Asia-Pacific region, the expansion of the DHL Central Asia Hub not only enhances Hong Kong International Airport’s cargo handling capabilities but also strengthens Hong Kong’s status as an aviation cargo hub in the Greater Bay Area, bringing abundant opportunities for logistics development across the region.

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