Developing self-contained refrigeration chips

refrigeration chips

Developing self-contained refrigeration chips

    New technologies are helping reduce the estimated 13% of global food lost during refrigerated transport. AI and sensors optimize cold storage and shipments to keep more fresh food from farm to table. Startups are disrupting the cold chain industry with innovative chip-based cooling solutions that could reshape the $50 billion market.

    Semiconductor companies are developing passive cooling chips requiring no refrigerants. One startup uses IoT sensors to offer end-to-end tracking of produce orders from purchase to delivery. This provides full visibility into the logistical process.

    As e-commerce grows and demand increases for organic options, tech-enabled cold chains aim to transform century-old practices. By streamlining temperature controls, automating workflows, and gaining better asset utilization data, industry players work to cut losses significantly.

    Cooperation across food, logistics and semiconductor sectors shows promise for meeting consumer demand sustainably while reducing carbon footprints and wasting fewer resources along every step of the cold food supply chain.

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