The Power of Machine Learning and Data Analytics


The Power of Machine Learning and Data Analytics

GXO Direct, the shared services arm of GXO Logistics, has decided to use Blue Yonder’s warehouse management system (WMS) to improve the efficiency of their warehouses in the US and Canada.

The system incorporates machine learning to establish labor standards by collecting data on worker performance and using it to determine the number of workers required and their optimal positioning within the warehouse.

The training algorithms can also predict future labor requirements and optimize operations in real-time. These algorithms can help logistics companies improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and address labor shortages.

Furthermore, by analyzing customer buying patterns and other factors, machine learning algorithms can predict future product demand and enable logistics companies to optimize their inventory management and supply chain operations accordingly.

Medium Size logistics Company also implemented ML and Data analytics:

  • Locus: Locus is a logistics automation company that uses real-time data to optimize routes, reduce delivery times, and improve warehouse efficiency.

  • Shipwell: Shipwell is a transportation management software company that uses data to optimize freight routes, reduce transportation costs, and improve delivery times.

  • ClearMetal: ClearMetal is a predictive logistics company that uses real-time data to predict shipping delays, optimize routes, and improve inventory management.

This approach could benefit logistics companies in Hong Kong and other well-developed cities by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting customer demand.

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GXO Direct是GXO物流的共享服務部門,將使用Blue Yonder的倉庫管理系統(WMS)來提高在美國和加拿大倉庫效率。










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