Successful Case for adopting AMRs to cut costs by up to 50%↓


Successful Case for adopting AMRs to cut costs by up to 50%↓

Netrush has partnered with Brightpick to integrate the latter’s autonomous mobile robots into its warehouse in Hebron, Kentucky.

By doing so, the robots can retrieve storage bins from shelves and transport them to central human picking stations, reducing order fulfillment expenses by up to 50%.

Furthermore, the robots will also reduce physical strain on workers and minimize order fulfillment errors by over 90%. The partnership will allow Netrush to increase its warehouse storage density by up to 250% and take on more partners without significantly increasing its workforce. According to Netrush CEO Shane Atchison, this initiative will significantly reduce costs while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

By collaborating with Brightpick, Netrush has become its first US-based client to install the latter’s Goods-to-Person solution. With more companies looking to improve their supply chain operations and reduce expenses, warehouse automation technologies are expected to increase, leading to more innovation and progress in the industry.

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此外,機器人還能減輕員工的體力負擔,並將訂單交付錯誤率降低超過90%。合作促使Netrush能夠在不增加員工人數的情況,將倉庫儲存密度提高達250%,並吸納更多合作夥伴。根據Netrush CEO Shane Atchison的說法,此舉將降低成本,同時提高客戶和員工的滿意度。



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