UK retail giant deploys autonomous robotic system

Autonomous Robotic System

UK retail giant deploys autonomous robotic system

UK retail giant, John Lewis & Partners, has deployed an autonomous robotic system from Autostore to enhance efficiency and productivity at their Milton Keynes distribution center.


🤖 The system uses robots that move along a grid of bins to pick and pack items for shipping with the help of AI and machine learning algorithms, allowing for continuous optimization of the picking process.


👍 This is a significant development in the adoption of automation in the retail industry in the UK, as retailers seek ways to address labor shortages and rising demand for online shopping. By adopting this system, John Lewis & Partners aims to meet customer expectations for faster and more accurate deliveries while improving operational efficiency.


🚀 This deployment could also inspire similar adoption in Hong Kong’s warehouse and retail industries, which face similar challenges. The adoption of similar autonomous robotic systems in Hong Kong could help enhance efficiency and productivity in the warehouse industry.


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英國零售巨頭 用機器人幫你挑選貨品

英國零售巨頭 John Lewis & Partners 在米爾頓凱恩斯配送中心部署了一個自主機器人系統,以提高效率和生產力。該系統利用機器人在貨架之間移動,運用人工智能和機器學習演算法來挑選和包裝貨品,持續優化挑選過程。







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