Building Conversion 2nd Stage – Refurbishment


Building Conversion 2nd Stage – Refurbishment

Following the previous post, an alteration and addition work for an industrial building, our team has finished the survey and started to work out the refurbishment.


According to the survey result, the team has a few challenges.


Firstly, the spalled concrete area was 10% larger than the visually estimated amount, which caused extra time in refurbishment work. In order to fulfill the customer’s expectations, the team has to increase the workforce and reschedule the refurbishment plan to catch up with the project’s targeted completion date.


What next is the problem with water seepage. According to the survey result, the team found out that the ceiling concrete of the rooftop was severely peeled off or bulged. It is because the waterproofing layer on the rooftop has been seriously damaged. Therefore, our team needs to restore the rooftop’s waterproof surface.


The challenge is that the rooftop waterproofing work must finish before the rainy season.


To fulfill customer expectations, the Kamui team must overcome unexpected issues and time-limited challenges.


Stay tuned to the Kamui Group’s update.

改建的第二步 復修工程開始

先前提到淦鎧集團(KAMUI Group)正在為一幢工業大廈進行改建前的勘察,而我們已經完成勘察工作,即將展開復修工程。根據勘察結果,我們也要面對一些挑戰。


第一項挑戰就是混凝土剝落面積甚多,比起目測時的預算多了10 %,這將會影響復修的時間。但為了滿足客戶的營運計劃,我們將會增加人手,並把原定的工作𠝹分,盡早把復修好的地方,交給負責改建工程的分判商,務求可以按原有計劃完成改建工程。





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