Automotive Industry Hits Global Record of One Million Robot Deployments

Robot Deployments

Automotive Industry Hits Global Record of One Million Robot Deployments

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) announced that the automotive industry had reached a new record of one million robot deployments in factories worldwide. This accounts for approximately one-third of all robots installed across all sectors.

The IFR attributes this growth to the industry’s ambitious goals for adopting and producing electric vehicles. Robotic automation is helping car manufacturers manage the significant changes required to transition from traditional manufacturing methods and technologies.

The IFR highlighted other key trends, including growing investment in collaborative robots for final assembly and finishing applications.

While Tier 2 automotive parts suppliers have been slower to automate their processes fully, the IFR expects this to change as robots become smaller, more adaptable, easier to program, and less expensive.

As the automotive industry continues to grow and adopt robotics, there will also be a significant impact on the logistics industry. Robotics is increasingly important in logistics and shipping by improving efficiency and safety by automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks.

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