Building Conversion 3rd Stage: Alteration & Addition Works

Building Alteration and Addition

Building Conversion 3rd Stage: Alteration & Addition Works

KAMUI Group is undertaking a renovation project on an industrial building to transform it into an automated smart cold chain logistics centre.


Several modifications and additions have been made to the entire building to achieve the goal. For example, we will construct a new transformer room and main switch room to increase the power supply, and floors modification to allow automated equipment to pass through different levels. The entire renovation plan has been submitted to the Building Authority for approval and has been granted.


At the end of May, we applied for the building works to the Building Authority (Application for Consent to the Commencement and Carrying out of Building Works or Street Works). In other words, the renovation and addition works have officially commenced.


Furthermore, following the approval conditions, we have conducted a structural appraisal for the affected parts of the building using a rebound hammer method under the guidance of a structural engineer to ensure that the building’s structural condition can withstand the entire renovation and addition plan.


Stay tuned for more updates on the automated storage and cold storage facility.

改建的第三步:樓宇改動及加建 (A&A) 工程正式啟動

淦鎧集團正在為一座工業大廈進行改建成一座自動化智慧冷鏈物流中心。為實現這個目標,我們對整座大廈進行了多項改動及加建,例如新建變壓房及總掣房增加電力供應,樓層改動讓自動化設備穿越各樓層等等。整個改動及加建計劃已提交給建築事務監督(Building Authority)審批,現已獲得批准。




同時,根據審批條件(Approval Conditions),我們在結構工程師指導下,利用「打槍」(Rebound Hammer)方法對受影響的結構部分進行結構評(Structural Appraisal),以確保樓宇的結構狀況能夠承受整個改動及加建計劃。



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